Hidden Oaks Road

Sonoma County

During the 2017 Fires, a unique post & adobe home and nearby wood turning workshop were consumed. The rebuilding of the shop began with the aid of  friend and neighbor Geary, volunteering his skills with site reconfiguration, layout and project management. He applied professional design and craftsmanship helping  bring this collaboration to fruition. PJC & Associates Consulting Engineers performed their Geotechnical Services for the new driveway approach, shop relocation and site engineering. Excavations, placement and compaction of some 3,000 tons of site materials. These early steps in soils engineering provided the ground stability for placement of a metal framed shop building on the concrete slab  foundation.

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During construction new underground electrical service, buried propane supply tank and horizontal borings provided connections to the existing water well and septic tanks. In these early stages of construction a 10,000 gallon concrete water tank and small utility building were constructed providing placement of electrical meters, water system pumps and propane backup generator.

 The owners Charles and Kati were passionately involved in the rebuilding, providing several artisans specialist in creating a Masters wood bowl turning shop and Gallery.


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